About Jesse

Formal Education

  • Veterinarian My previous day job

  • Certified Personal Trainer I teach people how to be strong and functional

  • canfitpro PRO TRAINER I offer training courses so that you too can become certified as a Personal Trainer

  • Diabetes Exercise Specialist I teach people with diabetes how to safely use exercise to help manage their diabetes

  • Behaviour Change Specialist I teach mindset skills to help people change the behaviours that are holding them back from their health goals

  • Natural Nutrition Coach I teach and simplify how to eat healthy so that you understand what you are putting in your body

Lived Experience

  • Fancy Shawl Dancer

  • Beader

  • Ribbon skirt maker

  • Mask maker

  • Shirt maker

  • Regalia maker

  • Educator on Indigenous culture and history and advocate for Indigenous rights

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