Community Programs

Our health and wellness programs are designed to meet your community or company's unique needs or interests. If you have an idea you would like to bring to life, let's have a conversation!



Workshops can take place in person or virtually over Zoom


Typical length of program: 6 weeks - 6 months


Ideal number of participants is typically 5-15 (pending current COVID protocols)


Rates for programs will vary depending on:

  • length of time needed to prepare education materials 

  • length of time to complete program

  • travel

  • materials required 


Please note: If your organization has a specific budget to work we may be able to design/alter the program to fit your budget. 

Possible program topics/activities:

  • Self care + empowerment

  • Learn to fancy shawl dance

  • Strength training foundations: 7 primal movement patterns

  • Wholistic wellness: fitness in mind body and spirit

  • Exercising with diabetes

  • Back to basics: Nutrition 101

  • Mindset reset: gratitude, self love, and relationships