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Health and Wellness for Indigenous People


Two Eyed Wellness

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Two Eyed Wellness helps Indigenous people reclaim their health through culturally appropriate fitness, nutrition and wellness programs. We merge modern ways and ancient ways together so that all programming is based on science but also rooted in traditional Indigenous values.



 At Two Eyed Wellness we believe that reclaiming Indigenous sovereignty and empowerment over our own health and wellness is key to healing our individual (and collective) intergenerational trauma. It is through revitalizing our cultural values and re-Indigenizing our view on health that we will reconnect to our true authentic wellness. We strive to help people find this balance, so that they can in turn become future trainers, role models, and educators.

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Hour long or day long sessions. Fitness, crafts, education, and more.



1-2 Day retreat programming designed to educate and promote healthy living. 



Strength training, powwow cardio, fancy shawl dancing, core activation, etc.



Bookings available for your conference or event. 



Health and fitness programs tailored to meet your Community's unique needs. 



Offering in person or online courses for you to become a Certified Personal Trainer.

What makes us unique

  • Wellness through an Indigenous worldview

  • Holistic approach to fitness and health

  • Trauma informed 

  • Fostering a community of acceptance and knowledge sharing

  • Empowering individuals to discover their inherent strengths

  • Creating authentic and sustainable long term change

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Customer Reviews

"I throughly enjoyed joining this challenge. It helped me start my learning path toward living a healthier life. Our lives get so hectic and health gets put on the backburner but this challenge has helped me take that time to focus on myself and my overall health. I appreciated all of the support that Jesse has provided during the challenge. Tshinashkumitin (Thank You) Jesse"

-Pam Andrew-gough 


Jesse Benjamin

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My greatest pride is that I am a mother. I have 4 children and I had 2 of them while going through school as a young single mother. I know how hard it is to juggle ALL of the things, and struggle to just to keep your head above water some days. I also understand how challenging it can be to prioritize yourself when you are dealing with your own traumas and taking care of others. For most of my life the choices I made were in response to things that had happened to me and what others needed, not because they were the best for decisions for me and my own happiness.

That all changed when someone said to me:


"Jesse it sounds like up until now you have been in the passenger seat of your life, you need to get into the driver's seat!" 

I needed to be empowered!

I needed the confidence to be brave enough to step into my true authentic self!

Brave enough to value myself.

I needed to regain control of my health, my wellness, and the direction of my life. 

That moment was the start of my wellness journey...

It is my mission to start others just like me on their own wellness path. One of healing, strength, empowerment, and true authentic health!

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Two Eyed Wellness


The name "Two Eyed Wellness" arose from the concept of Two Eyed Seeing. (This term was coined by Eskasoni elder Albert Marshall). From one eye we see the world with the strengths of Indigenous ways of knowing which tend to be more intuitive, fluid, and holistic. (In my logo the braid in the left eye represents my culture and my lived experience). From the other eye we see the world with the strengths of Western ways of knowing which tends to be more scientific, linear and analytical. (In my logo the dumbbell in the right eye represents my formalized education and training).


When we combine these view points together and look through both eyes, we are able obtain the best possible outcome and transfer our knowledge in a meaningful way for the betterment of all. 

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Located in Mi'kma'ki

(Nova Scotia, Canada)


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For collaboration, questions, or other inquires please send us an email or feel free to use the form below. Wela’lin 

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